Heat and Air Conditioning

The Overlook Chalet uses a state-of-the-art Mitsubishi heat pump system for both heating and cooling. These systems are particularly popular in upstate New York because they create the optimal comfort for each room for all seasons. Our system was installed in October of 2022.

Which rooms have minisplit units?

Each room has a minisplit unit that has been optimized for the respective size (cubic footage). This includes all 5 bedrooms, the living room / kitchen and the basement.

Unit capacities were selected based on an in-depth analysis of the space and seasonal climate in the Catskills region.

How do I set my preferred temperature?

Temperature is controlled in each room using a remote. You can find these mounted on the walls. Once the temperature is set, the unit will maintain the desired temperature using both traditional thermostats and infrared temperature detectection, ensuring consistent temperature in the entire room.

Better for the planet

Heat pump ductless systems, like the one used at the Overlook Chalet, use inverter technology, allowing them to operate using considerably less energy the traditional central systems and window unit systems. These systems use micro-controllers to sample air temperature in each zone (or each room) at a high rate, and adjust compressors to the ideal speed for each room. This means that you'll be more comfortable in each room since the temperature will be maintained precisely. It's better for you, and the planet.

What if I like a breeze?

If you prefer a breeze, you have a few options at the Overlook Chalet. All rooms have ceiling fans. These, combined with our ductless system make for an extremely comfortable environment.

Each minisplit unit also has a Natural Flow setting, which mimics the natural breeze of the outdoors. Yet another way to make your stay optimally comfortable.