House Manual

Welcome to the Overlook Chalet! We're so glad you're here and hope your trip was easy.

Our Property managers, Craig & Chelsea, will be your contact during your stay. You can contact them through the Airbnb app for routine questions/comments or on your mobile - Craig (518-610-3492) or Chelsea (518-260-6820), with urgent requests or emergencies.

We are constantly working to improve our home.  Lawn mowing, and other drive-by (outdoor) activities might overlap your stay, but will not be intrusive. We'll do our best to give you a heads up before anyone stops by.

Note: Please do not use the firewood under the deck as it is not seasoned and will produce large amounts of smoke.

House Access:

The door code for the side entrance will be sent 24-48hrs prior to check-in. Please be sure to lock all doors whenever you leave the house.


Shoes - we ask that you please remove your shoes upon entering the house. This will keep the house clean and dry and make your stay more enjoyable.

This is a non-smoking property. Smoking and vaping are not permitted in or around the house, deck, hot tub, firepit or anywhere on the property. We appreciate your compliance with this rule.

Fans - We have fans in all bedrooms and the living room.  The light switches for the associated lights must be turned on for the remotes to operate the fans.

Climate Control: Each room has its own Mitsubish® Mini-split climate control unit. Control these using the Mysa® smart thermostats. You can find detailed operating instructions here.

A pack & play is available in the hall closet upstairs. Kids plates and utensils are available in the kitchen.


Wifi Access:

Please join the network OverlookChalet. The password can be found on the mantle.

Our Internet provider is Starlink.  It is extremely reliable, stable, and fast (~200 Mbps down/15 up), but if you have any trouble please let us know. You can troubleshoot by unplugging and plugging back in the white router, located in the living room to the right of the fireplace. Please only do this once though as powercycling 3 times will reset the internet entirely.

Living Room:

The living room is equipped with a 4K Toshiba® TV and Sonos®Surround Sound. A Sonos® Move is also available in the Kitchen for your use. Feel free to take this outside but please keep it dry and return it to the dock when you are finished enjoying it.

The TV can access most streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, etc with your login and password.

Reading Nook:

Games are available in the straw basket in the reading nook (upstairs landing). Please enjoy and return them to the basket when you are finished using them.


The living room is equipped with a wood burning fireplace. A starter log is provided and you can purchase additional starter logs and firewood at nearby convenience stores and grocery stores.

Please do not use the firewood under the deck as it is not seasoned and will produce large amounts of smoke.


The Edison bulbs can be controlled using the black remote next to the doors to the deck. They automatically turn on when it is dark outside, but feel free to adjust to your preference.

Please do not take glass dishes or cups outside. We have plastic glasses for this purpose in the kitchen cabinets.

The property is sprayed monthly for mosquitos and ticks, but we are in the country, so please take the necessary precautions.

While our house is fairly secluded, we do have neighbors - please take noise levels into consideration.

Fire Pit:

  • Fire cannot be left unattended at any time 
  • Fire must be extinguished fully before leaving the fire pit
  • Starter logs and firewood can be purchased at grocery stores, gas stations, and home improvement stores nearby.
  • Please do not use the firewood under the deck as it is not seasoned and will produce large amounts of smoke.

Hot Tub:

Our cleaning practices:

We take extra care to clean and balance the swim spa weekly, before you arrive, so you can rest assured that it is hygienic. We use a water conditioner, designed to prevent drying of the skin. This conditioner can sometimes rest on top of the water, but don't worry, it is clean & harmless. Should you find this uncomfortable, you can find turtle sponges in the basement that can be used to absorb excess conditioner. Please feel free to toss 2 of them in the water and remove any that are already in the tub. This should aid in the absorption of the excess conditioner.

How to operate:

The up/down arrows control the temperature. 

Press the light button to turn on and customize the light colors. Press repeatedly to change and turn off the lights. 

The jets button will turn on seating jets.

Press ‘workout' to turn on the swim current. You can adjust the speed of the current using the up and down arrows.

There are lots of options so have fun and find your favorite seat and jet configuration!

Please be sure to cover when finished. This will keep the hot tub clean and maintain the temperature.


The basement is not kid-safe. Please enter at your own risk and do not leave children unattended.


The bathrooms are stocked with soap, shampoo, body wash, toilet paper (x3), and hair dryers

Please avoid removing makeup with bath towels - we have black washcloths specifically for this purpose

The house runs on a septic tank, so please be mindful of how much toilet paper you use and flush more than once if necessary. Please do not flush sanitary products or baby wipes. Sanitary bags can be found in the drawers of each bathroom.


Please help yourself to anything in the kitchen including tea, coffee, herbs and spices, olive oil, cookware, utensils, and appliances

Please don't forget to turn everything off and to wash all dishes and utensils prior to check-out


Feel free to use our washer/dryer in the entry hall.

Detergent is provided

Please don't forget to empty the lint trap on the dryer after every use

Ironing board and iron are in the closet of the “blue room” at the rear of the house


Recycling is single stream and doesn't have to be separated; paper, plastic, glass, can be placed in the same recycling bins

Please be sure to tie bags securely before placing them in the bins outside.

The outside bins are animal proof. Please be sure the lids close securely - they should latch closed.

Trash bins will be emptied upon your departure.

Safety info: 

We have fire extinguishers on each floor - one under the kitchen sink and one in the upstairs linen closet.

A first aid kit can be found in the kitchen drawer labeled “Emergency” along with a fire blanket.

For urgent requests, please call Craig, our property manager. For emergencies, always call 911!

We have one security camera mounted on the deck. This camera only has a view of the driveway, which we monitor for deliveries, maintenance and capacity. Rest assured you have privacy in the hot tub, and throughout the house.

Check out instructions:

  1. Ensure all dishes, pots, pans, and any kitchen appliances used are washed. Please leave the lid to the coffee maker open. Start the dishwasher when you depart, please.
  2. Remove all trash from counters, tables, etc. Tie up all trash and recycling bags securely and place them in the containers outside. Please make sure the containers latch securely to prevent local wildlife from enjoying your leftovers.🐿
  3. Clean out the refrigerator and freezer of any items you brought and would like to take home with you.
  4. Place used towels and washcloths in the bathtubs (or shower for the bathroom upstairs).
  5. Leave all Mysa® thermostats on 61°F set to heat mode, fan set to automatic.
  6. Make sure the hot tub is set to 98°F, covered and the straps are in place.
  7. Lock the basement door
  8. Double check all closets and drawers for personal belongings
  9. Sign out of any streaming services
  10. Turn off all lights, fans and sound machines and close/lock all windows

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